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The aim of this Privacy Policy is that of describing how this web site is managed, with reference to the personal data of users/visitors of it.
The information provided here about the management of this web site are given according to art.13 of the Legisl.Decree 196/03- Code on the subject of the protection of personal data- to those connected with the official site of Simek servizi e comunicazioni at The information are given only for the above mentioned web site and not also for other web sites possibly surfed by the user because of special links found within it.
The web site is owned and managed by Simek servizi e comunicazioni.
Simek servizi e comunicazioni guarantees the observance of the rules concerning the protection of personal data (Legisl.Decree 196/03)-
The users/visitors are required to read this Privacy Policy carefully, before providing any kind of personal information and/or filling in any electronic form provided by the web site itself.

Type of data processed and purposes of data processing
1) Surfing data
Computer systems and software procedures used to run this web site,receive, during the normal functioning of it, some personal data that are later implicitly transmitted by the use of the Internet communication protocols. They are data that by associations and processing of other data processed by a third party, may allow the identification of users/visitors (for ex. IP address,names of computer domains used by users/visitors connected to the web site, etc.).
These data are used only for information of a statistical kind (then they are anonymous) and to check for the right functioning of the web site and are cancelled immediately after processing.
Data on web contacts are not stored, however, more than seven days, excepted for any investigations concerning computer crimes committed against this web site.
No data gathered by the web service shall be communicated or publicized.
2) Data willingly provided by users/visitors
According to the user's needs when accessing to the different sections of the web site, the purpose of the processing of personal data directly provided by users by the filling in of on-line forms, can be the following ones:

a) To allow registration at the web site, which is necessary to access special sections of the web site itself and to provide and manage the different services offered.
b) To publish in the web site (as well as in web sites being autonomously managed by a third party, with which Simek servizi e comunicazioni may have probably entered into agreements) ideas, comments, effective sentences associated with what is the subject of the web site, material and any other information conceived by the user and provided by him (the whole according to what is specified and ruled by the terms and conditions regulating access to the web site); such a publication could be carried out in association with a nickname chosen by the user on registering at the web site, for which:i) the user will be the only responsible entity for any choice made by him that may be detrimental to a third party's interests; ii) the user is not required to use personal data allowing a third party other than Simek servizi e comunicazioni, to identify him, but hecould publicize also personal data of the user himself, if the latter has included them in his nickname, the user's photo included, which he may have matched with his profile.
c) With the user's consent and until revocation of it, to send newsletters to provide the user updating on the novelties about Simek servizi e comunicazioni web sites, that is news, recipes, menus, nutritionists' advices , curiosities and many other news on Simek servizi e comunicazioni world;
d) to answer to users' requests, as regards Simek servizi e comunicazioni products, advertisements, that is the web site (section "Contacts" in the web site).
The personal data provided by the users/visitors shall be communicated to a thid party only in case this communication is necessary to answer to users/visitors' requests.
3) Cookies
Cookies are small text files containing a certain amount of information exchanged between an Internet website and your terminal (usually browser) and are normally used by the manager of the Internet website in order to store the information being necessary to improve the website surfing, that is to send advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested by the user while surfing the Net. When you visit a website again or when you visit any other website the user's terminal checks for the presence of a recognized cookie, in order to be able to read the information contained in it. Different cookies contain different information and are used for different purposes (efficient surfing in the pages of the same, profiling in order to send targeted promotional messages, analysis of the number of visits to the website).

While surfing the user can receive on his terminal, also cookies sent from different websites or by web servers (so called third parties), on which some elements can be found (for ex.images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) contained in the website that the user is visiting.

More generally speaking, some cookies (called session cookies) are supplied to the user's terminal only for the duration of his visit to the website and automatically disappear on closing the browser. Other cookies (called persistent) remain within the user's terminal for a longer time.

The specific aims of the different types of cookies installed in this website are described as follows.

You can disable cookies following the information note given below.

Characteristics and aims of the cookies installed by the website

Technical cookies:

They are cookies specifically used to allow the right working and enjoyment of our websites. Technical cookies are for example used for the function of user's login.
The use of so called session cookies (that are not permanently stored in the user's computer and disappear with the closing of the surfing session) is closely limited to the transmission of session identification codes (consisting of casual numbers generated by the server) being necessary for allowing a safe and efficient surfing of the website.
The so called session cookies used in this website avoid the use of other information techniques being potentially prejudicial to the users' surfing privacy and do not allow the acquisition of the user's personal data.
They are mainly supplied by our server or, in case of supplementation of external services such as social networks, by third parties.

Profiling cookies:

Cookies are not used for the transmission of personal information, and not even so called persistent cookies of any kind are used, that is systems for the tracing of users, in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested by the user while surfing the Net.

Analytical cookies:
They are cookies used for statistical analyses, to improve websites and simplify their use, besides monitoring their correct use. This kind of cookies collects anonymous information on the activities of users on the website. This kind of cookies is supplied solely by third parties.

However, as regards information and in order to deactivate cookies from third parties, go to the website:

How to give or withdraw your consent

The consent to the use of cookies is given at first following this procedure: close the banner, scroll the page hosting the banner or click any element of it and you can withdraw your consent at any time according to what explained below.

Options about the use of cookies by the website by browser settings

The supply of all cookies, both by first and third parties, can be deactivated by intervening on the browser settings being used; but it is necessary to underline that this may make websites be impossible to use, if the cookies being necessary for the function supply are blocked. Each browser avails itself of different settings for cookie deactivation; links to the instructions for the most used browsers are suggested below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Mozilla Firefox

Websites of third parties

Third parties' websites to which it is possible to access through this website are not covered by the information note given here. Our company waives any responsibility as regards them. The categories of cookies used and the kind of privacy policy managed by these companies are regulated in compliance with the information note provided by these companies.

Processing procedure
The processing of data is carried out by computer instruments (for using electronic procedures and means) and/or by hand (for ex. on paper) for the time being necessary only to fulfil the purposes for which data have been collected and, however, in conformity with the law provisions in force on the subject.

Optionality of data conveyance
Apart from what specified as regards surfing data, users/visitors are free to convey their own personal data. If they are not provided it is impossible for users to obtain what they ask for.

Manager, managers and categories of entities responsible for the management of the privacy policy
The manager of the privacy policy is Simek Servizi e Comunicazioni, situated at Cava de' Tirreni (SA),Via Caliri 6/A

Rights of the concerned people
The entities to which personal data refer are entitled, at any time, to obtain a confirmation of the existence of the data themselves and to know about their content and their origin, to check for their truth or to ask for their integration or updating, that is their correction (art.7 of the Legisl.Decree 196/03).According to the same article they are entitled to ask for their cancellation, their transformation into anonymous data or the block of them if they have been processed in violation of the law, as well as to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons.

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